Small Pack

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Packs - Clothes

Small Pack.png

When worn, increases the usable EMU by 200

  • Caution: taking this item off or breaking it may make you immobile
  • Warning: Small Pack can be broken in combat like any other item worn

Other information

  • Weight: 3 EMU
  • Stackable: No
  • Storage: Normal - Category: Clothes
  • This cloak cannot be worn with a magic cloak

NPC's who trade this item

NPC name Realm Location
Brelo.png Brelo Dwarven Lands Aldath
Ceril.png Ceril Dwarven Lands Glingor
Filori.png Filori Dwarven Lands Glingor Underground
Garon.png Garon Dwarven Lands Alkh-Endune
Gelin.png Gelin Dwarven Lands Thunder Mountain - Level 2
Kelvane.png Kelvane Dwarven Lands Lothend
Querti.png Querti Dwarven Lands Thalendale
Steradin.png Steradin Dwarven Lands Thunder Mountain - Level B1
Tanzdi.png Tanz'di Roth's Haven Roth's Haven