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Rhoelind and Morog (Southern Expanse) History

Some books found in Dwarven Lands tell the Southern Expanse History.

Rhoelind and Morog are part of the Southern Expanse. The Expanse was controlled by the orcs for a very long time. After the First Orc War, Golron's people began to pioneer eastward into the Expanse. They found that this area was very rich in minerals and ores.

Typically Dwarves mine in the mountains, but the Expanse was vast and had many deposits beneath its surface. Large tunnel networks were developed and maintained by the dwarves. During the Second Orc War, these tunnels proved very useful for the transportation of goods and troops, and their defenses became unbreachable in some areas. However, as the Second Orc War came to a close, some of the tunnels were taken over by orcs. Golron I allowed this to happen in order to force the bulk of the remaining orcs underground and to prevent the sacrifice of more dwarven lives. Although the orcs still come out on occasion, the dwarves keep a watchful eye to ensure they remain in their new home.

The tunnels allowed for Thunder Mountain to become a central hub for storing goods from the Southern Expanse. When the Draegoni came, most of the dwarves took refuge underground. The Expanse was split into two territories; Morog and Rhoelind. Both of these territories had been very populated before the Draegoni Dominion.

With the fall of the Draegoni Dominion came the Skyfall. Meteors struck the land all over Alroth. Most of the impacts were concentrated around the center of the Draegoni Dominion in the North, but Rhoelind also suffered major damage. A large meteor had landed almost directly in its center. The resulting earthquake caused most of the Dwarven tunnel networks to collapse.

Settlements, mines and thousands of dwarves were lost - buried. The collapse of the main tunnels can be seen on the surface of Morog, Rhoelind and even Braigor. It was such a tragic catastrophe that the dwarves have refused to uncover some of the old tunnels. They consider it taboo to disturb the dead that were entombed.

There has been some recovery. Braigor was well maintained, surviving the meteor strike to a large degree; and since Kilron Hammerfist was appointed as the Lord of Morog, it has started to become a worthwhile place to live. Rhoelind on the other hand, has become mostly unlivable. The grass around the meteor has never grown back, making the land almost dead. The material inside the meteor has proven to be deadly to most forms of life.

Orcs and goblins have moved into what is left of the old tunnels. Though the people have tried to reclaim some of the old mines, Rhoelind will never be what it once was. Recently, the appointed regent, Lady Ahldra has gone missing. No one knows where she could have gone. There haven't even been any sightings since she disappeared.

Kiwi, Southern Expanse History, Edited by Alddra

Map overview

Map rhoelind 0512px.png

Rhoelind has suffered a great deal in the past, and the effects still remain. There is very little fertile soil here, due to a meteor crash during Skyfall, which poisoned most of the land. Despite the harsh conditions, a small settlement of people still live here and the Dwarven alchemists and gardeners are attempting to find ways to help the land revive faster. They have a sunflower farm in the area where the research is being conducted.

Some areas in the northern parts have not been contaminated, and in here one can find a big tavern with a welcoming atmosphere. They serve really good mead!

Around the middle of Rhoelind we can find a meteor landing site. Here the locals hold an annual celebration to honor and respect their deceased ancestors. They bring food and flower offerings on top of the large rock and sing and dance with the spirits around the area, to keep them happy and perhaps even gain blessings and help in replenishing the land.

There is an ancient dragon skeleton at the northeastern part of Rhoelind. It is a very mystical place. Some people say that ancient secretive sects of dwarven mystics and magicians hold rituals there, communing with Dragon spirits.

Other notable places include an Old Fortress near the boat to Glingor, you can climb on the wall for a better view! A pottery artist's cottage can be found at the eastern part of Rhoelind.

Word of caution for the inexperienced travellers, many goblins and skeletons like to roam the area, looking for easy prey. The Red Dragon, a very powerful monster, also has a dwelling here in one of the caverns. One more thing, the people here seem to have a strange affinity towards pumas!

  • Storage: No
  • PK: No
  • Multi-combat: Yes
  • Races: Part of the Dwarven Lands

NPCs and Stores

  • Aigor.png Aigor, the owner of the Stone Masons Tavern at [124,275]


Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Sto - Approx. Time)
Blue Star Flower.png Blue Star Flower [168,170] [,] (? - ?)
Daffodils.png Daffodils [268,278], [268,286] [,] (? - ?)
Dandelion.png Dandelion [268,278], [268,286] [,] (? - ?)
Dung.png Dung [184,133] [,] (? - ?)
Red Snapdragons.png Red Snapdragons [48,242] [,] (? - ?)
Sunflower.png Sunflower [206,280], [268,278], [268,286] [,] (? - ?)
Tiger Lily.png Tiger Lily [320,271] [,] (? - ?)
Yarrow.png Yarrow [268,278], [268,286] [,] (? - ?)
Wood Logs.png Wood Logs [313,271] [,] (? - ?)

Bold denotes double speed harvest locations


  • Killer Stone Research scroll at [228,209]
  • There are some readable history books:


Internal Maps

Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Drakensbane 25px.png Drakensbane - [15,184] [131,304],
Drakensbane 25px.png Drakensbane by Drakensbane Rhoelind Tunnel - [78,257]
Drakensbane 25px.png Drakensbane by Old Rhoelind Depleted Mine - [256,342]
Morog 25px.png Morog - [22,122], [75,73], [112,34]
Thunder Mountain 25px.png Thunder Mountain - Level 1 by Red Dragon Cave
By Boat
Glingor 25px.png Glingor - [354, 309]