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All creatures can be spawned in Invasions, denoted with red colored names, and will always be aggressive. There are two types of invasions: Moderator & Invasion Master (IM) Led Invasions and automatic invasions. If an invasion occurs, a blue announcement or a warning from the Global Invasion Warning System (GIWS) usually appears on screen.

Most invasions have a pattern of the range of creatures in certain maps. For example, lower level invasion creatures may spawn in Lothend and Thalendale, medium level invasions creatures in Aldath, Morog and Drakensbane, and high level invasion creatures in Valunde and Valunde Forest. Exception do occur, especially during special events such as Halloween.

Invasions include bosses, which are often seen as larger versions of animals and monsters normally spawned with boosted attack, defense and attributes. Around invasion bosses, invasion creatures often also spawn, referred to as a horde, staying around or near their boss and separating from the boss when it is killed. Invasion creatures and bosses can also drop special items, with special drops "rolls".

Moderator & Invasion Master Led Invasions

These are human led invasions, where a Moderator or Invasion Master spawns all the creatures, and can come in several waves. Once the invasions started, automatic invasions on other maps could also be triggered when an invaded map is cleared. These invasions can either by Role Playing or common, and this may reflect in the waves and monsters spawned. They regularly occur during Saturdays and Sundays and will sometimes start late Fridays and may carry over into Mondays as well. Every so often special event invasions also occur, such as the Halloween Week Invasion, Easter Weekend Invasion or Guardians.


Moderators who can spawn invasions:

  • Learner

Invasion Masters

Invasion Masters who can spawn invasions:

JrIM status gives limited IM powers including seeing additional information, starting Events, and running Invasions that already exist.

Global Invasion Warning System

Global Invasion Warning System, or GIWS, invasions are spawned and regulated by the game, in certain maps. All creatures still roaming, whether spawned during or before, 30 minutes after GIWS spawned, will be disappear. They have predetermined waves that will occur in predetermined maps or sections of maps, after a certain amount of time.


Commands for invasions

  • #counters- will tell you how many weak, medium, strong level, bosses, and total invasions creatures killed, as well as other special events, such as Joker finds
  • #il- will tell you the amount of invasion creatures (including bosses) that are currently spawned. If GIWS is funded high enough, there is also a break down of Lowest Combat Level (CL):Avg CL:Highest CL invasion mob that remains. So an example if what you might see is 5:125:624
  • #recent <channel>- will show some of the recent messages in a low public channel (invasion channel)


  • Global Channel - God, and occasionally, moderator/invasion masters post information about invaded maps in this channel. Sometimes the amount of creatures invading each map or a low count can be included in these global messages
    • #Message from AlddrA: Maps invaded: AD, AE, 2-GL, RL, VF
  • Channel 1 | @1 | Newbie Help Channel - The common conversation channel, many players will coordinate or look for help on this channel during invasion. Invaded maps also tend to be posted here by players
  • Channel 6 | @6 | Invasion Channel - The official channel for invasions, and the one that should be used. Only channel where you should really organise your invasion efforts


A list of the lastest global messages in the game can be can be consulted on the WebAccess. God and moderator/invasion masters announcements can be viewed on this website.