Inorganic Nexus

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Inorganic - Nexus

The Inorganic Nexus limits the kind of ores and minerals you can harvest. The higher the nexus, the better the resources you can harvest.

Inorganic 0

No Inorganic Nexus Required
Red Rose.png All Plants Wood Logs.png Wood Logs
Fruits.png Fruits Coal.png Coal
Vegetables.png Vegetables Sulfur.png Sulfur
Wood Branches.png Wood Branches

Inorganic 1

Inorganic Nexus 1
Blue Quartz.png Blue Quartz Rose Quartz.png Rose Quartz
Quartz.png Quartz

Inorganic 2

Inorganic Nexus 2
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore Silver Ore.png Silver Ore

Inorganic 3

Inorganic Nexus 3
Emerald.png Emerald Sapphire.png Sapphire
Diamond.png Diamond Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
Ruby.png Ruby

Inorganic 4

Inorganic Nexus 4
Dung.png Dung Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore

Inorganic 5

Inorganic Nexus 5
Seridium Ore.png Seridium Ore