How do I mix items?

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The Manufacture Window is used for all types of mixing skills aka Alchemy, Crafting, Manufacturing, Potion and Summoning. But before being able to use the Manufacture Window and make any mixable item, you need or or could need to:

Getting Ingredients and Tools

Harvesting skill lets you collect the resources found in Other Life. In the beginning, harvesting your own resources will be the best way to obtain the necessary ingredients to make other items. The guide How do I harvest items? will show you how to start collecting the flowers, metal ores and mirerals found in Other Life.

When you start the results of the mixing will be grievous - failure upon failure, and more often than not you will lose your ingredients. That hurts, but it will get better eventually; the higher your skill level, the less you will fail. When you advance in your levels, because of the relatively long time which is needed to gather your own ingredients, you might consider trading them for Gold Coins (common currency of Other Life) or other items you made. The guide How do I trade items? will show you how to trade items in Other Life.

To mix some items, in addition to the appropriate ingredients, you will need one or more tools in your inventory. The guide How do I get tools? will show you how to get the tools you need.


Reading Books and Getting Nexus

To mix something you need the appropriate ingredients and tools in your inventory. You will also need the appropriate knowledge and nexus to make most items.


You can read the following guides in order to learn how to read books and get nexus:

Eating food

You need a positive food level to be able to mix any item. The guide How do I eat? will teach you how to eat and keep always a positive food level.


Using the Manufacture Window

Once you meet all the requirements, in order to make an item you must know its recipe. You can find all the information about mixable items (recipes, tools, nexus required, etc.) in the encyclopedia or on this wiki. For example, if you consult the Iron Helm page on this wiki, you can mix this item using:

and you need the following requirements:

At this point, you must place all the necessary ingredients and tools in your inventory and open the Manufacturing Window (click the hammer and anvil icon on your Heads Up Display - HUD or press CTRL-m).


Now you can perform the following actions in your Manufacture Window:

  1. Clicking on an item in the top box will add it to the mix list. Note: Holding Ctrl Key will add 10 instead of just one.
  2. Clicking on an item in the mix list will remove it. Note: Holding Ctrl Key will remove 10 instead of just one.
  3. You need to complete the correct recipe to make a single item. If the item you are making requires a tool or tools then you only have to have the tool in your inventory, i.e., it will not be part of the recipe.
  4. Click > and one item will be made.
  5. Click >> and you will continue to make items until you fail or your food level equals zero or negative.
  6. Clear will remove all the ingredients for a recipe change.


When mixing, some additional considerations you can take into account are:

  1. You can use the Mix All button in your inventory in order to mix the current item you have active. Right click on this button gives you the option of Mix One or Mix All. Using this button, the Manufacture Window does not have to be open.
  2. You can use the Itm Lst button (Item lists) in your inventory in order to set up mixing lists. This helps prevent you having to go back to the Storage and search for the items every time you need to restock. Since this is the fastest way to mix, the guide How do I set up item lists? will teach you how to create, set up and use item lists.
  3. You do not need to have EMU left over to mix an item; but you can have a full EMU of ingredients, and the product will replace ingredients lost, rather than needing the space for the product.
  4. If you right click on the Manufacture Window title you get extra options:
    • Hide Windows - Closes the Manufacture Window.
    • Opaque Background - As opposed to Transparent.
    • Windows On Top - Keeps the Manufacture Window visible when you switch over to the map or console view.
    • Disable key presses for Window - Leaving this unchecked will mean that every time you type the recipe window will try a search for what you are typing.


Using the Recipe List

Once you have set up the correct recipe to mix an item you can add it to your recipe list by clicking on the +. Clicking on the 🔻 will open a list of all your recipes. The ones you have the ingredients for will be highlighted.

  • Warning: When the red bar is over one of your existing recipes and you add a new recipe, that recipe will be overwritten.