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At this point we do not know where the gods will be placed within Alroth or what the new items for the ranks will be as they need to get a rework for the items that are not currently in Other Life. You can still use EL wiki as a reference.

You may worship a maximum of 3 Greater Gods, but none of your gods can be enemies. The priest of the next god you wish to worship will refuse you as a follower if you do not meet these requirements.

Greater Gods

God Position Enemies Temple Location High Priest Max. Rank
Mortos Attack God Aluwen and Elandria Naralik: Naralik Catacombs Dirhyan 5 (+20%)
Aluwen Defense Goddess Mortos and Selain White Stone: Forest of the Fall Noria 5 (+20%)
Lucaa Harvesting Goddess Unolas and Glilin Tarsengaard: Roanof Island Not available Not available
Elandria Alchemy Goddess Mortos and Zarin Desert Pines: Evergreen Woods Romira 4 (+16%)
Unolas Magic God Lucaa and Zarin White Stone: Vermor Castle Adrian 5 (+20%)
Jayden Potion Goddess Xiao Morcraven Marsh Iazurn -2 (-8%)
Selain Summoning God Aluwen and Glilin White Stone: Tirnwood Vale Sylpho 5 (+20%)
Glilin Manufacturing God Lucaa and Selain Nordcarn Baostas 5 (+20%)
Zarin Crafting Goddess Elandria and Unolas Tarsengaard Durnam 4 (+16%)
Xiao Ranging God Jayden Ruins of Tirnym Not available Not available