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The Elves of Alroth come from another place. They do not know the name of this place. All they know is that the Draegoni took them away from their homeland long ago.

When the Elves came to Alroth, they were slaves to the Draegoni. They knew remedial magic and did all the mundane tasks for the Draegoni while they focused on militaristic domination.

Once the elves were liberated, they saw how the humans, gnomes and dwarves lived and therefore realised how evil the Draegoni had been for subjugating them and the orcs.

After the elves were freed, they began settling the land North of the Dwarven Lands. This angered many Dwarves at the time, because this land was once part of the Dwarven Kingdom. The dwarves have never recovered the full breadth of their Kingdom. Some blame the elves for this, but others are more reasonable.

The elves set up a democratic government, where all people have a say in diplomatic matters. This has led them to be a governing force in the area. They are a very honest community however, and often solve disputes on a personal level.

The elves are led by Elvanis Iquestrani, who gathers the votes from the representatives of the elven lands. Collectively they are known as the Elven Republic, and they make major decisions on things such as trade agreements and military management.

Elves keep the tradition that they were sent to the land (not Alroth, but their homeland) by their God or Gods. There isn't much from their homeland that was remembered and passed down, but they do say that the Draegoni appeared on their homeland and changed everything. They say that the Draegoni completely dissolved Elven culture on their homeland, and would have done the same to Alroth had they not been stopped.

The elves were brought to Alroth as slaves from the old land of the Draegoni. They had very few rights when it came to political agenda. They pride themselves in their durability and celebrate the differences and traditions they have held onto since ancient times. They know magic better than most other races, and practice it almost religiously.

Since the liberation of the elves during the Draegoni dominion, the elves have regarded Humans, gnomes, and dwarves as good people. They have open trade and borders to all good people, but severely distrust any Draegoni, and very rarely is there a Draegoni living among the elves. Elves are wise enough to see the expansionist tendencies of humans, and try not to put too much trust in them. They also have poor relations with dwarves, who did not come to help end the Draegoni dominion.

The early years were particularly tough for the Elves; they had to fight against Orchans and evil folk for their land. For the most part, the elves have succeeded very well in becoming a well-adjusted culture within the continent. They have set up societies with their own rules and customs, and are willing to spread their knowledge of magic and technology.

They do have their disagreements with other races, but are generally accepted in other societies. They attempt to solve disputes before declaring war, as the dwarves and humans might do. For these reasons, the elves regard the gnomes as their most trustworthy ally.

Kiwi, Elven Lore, Edited by Alddra