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Drakensbane History

Some books found in Dwarven Lands tell the Drakensbane History.

Long ago the area near Drakensbane was called Blackstone because of the dark rock native to the region. It was always a contested territory. This is where the orcs first had a settlement. They thrived here; attacking dwarves, gnomes, and humans near and far. After many years of surviving the harsh onslaught of the orcs, the dwarves finally mounted a massive offensive against them under the leadership of Golron I. He had pledged to keep his people safe, and with the defeat of the main force of orcs in Blackstone, he saw his mission completed. This was known as the Second Orc War.

After Golron I passed, his son Galorin continued the war against the orcs. Over time, Galorin pushed the orcs further and further back until Blackstone was finally conquered. It took many years before the dwarves could eventually reclaim Valunde.

With the defeat of the orcs, Blackstone was quite peaceful again, for a time. Then the Draegoni came. The dwarves were forced back into the mountains, and orcs began to rule over the far mountains. Eventually the orcs retook all the lands along the mountains and made it all the way back to Blackstone. This was the land that the orc's god had promised to give back to them if they fought hard enough. However, the dwarves needed the land for its resources. In a time known as the Under Siege, the orcs tried to take back Blackstone Mountain and the mines of the area. Because the dwarves were well defended, they managed to keep the orcs at bay for years. Eventually, the Draegoni dominion was overcome.

After the Draegoni Dominion's fall, the dwarves returned to upper Blackstone. This is where they discovered the Dragon's lair. Ergidraz the Red was a terrible dragon that had left the land in ruins but also inadvertently helped by killing many orcs as he hoarded their booty.

For many years Ergidraz pillaged and burned the land terrorizing and killing the Dwarves that risked living outside the mountain. Eventually they grew tired of the limitations imposed on them by the dragon and decided to band together to take him out. They had built many catapults and ballistas in their fight against the orcs. They used these from the top of Castle Blackstone, and managed to overcome the dragon. Many brave warriors sallied forth to fight the dragon once he was down, though he was a deadly threat still. Many died in the fighting, but eventually Ergidraz was slain. They renamed the castle Drakensbane Castle and the surrounding area has been known as Drakensbane since then.

Drakensbane has never fully dealt with their orc infestation. To this day, the orcs roam freely in the underground below Drakensbane. Sometimes they are seen above ground, spying on the dwarves. Many believe the orcs are a problem that must be dealt with, some however, believe that in time they will be able to rid the lands of all orcish threats.

Kiwi, Drakensbane History, Edited by Alddra

Map overview

Map drakensbane 0512px.png

Drakensbane is a dangerous place where orcs roam freely. This map has land connections to Morog (S/SW), Rhoelind (E/NE/SE), Thunder Mountain (W), Valunde (NE) and Zerimor (NW).

  • Storage: Yes, indoors
  • PK: No
  • Multi-combat: Yes
  • Races: Part of the Dwarven Lands

NPCs and Stores

  • Dargan.png Dargan's BlackSmith Shop in Castle Drakensbane at [197,54]
  • Finley.png Finley's Northport Storage in North Docks at [73,300]
  • Grenda.png Grenda's Tavern in Castle Drakensbane at [187,96]
  • Valenzi.png Valenzi, owner of the Dwarf Stop Tavern in the Village at [72,242]


Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Sto - Approx. Time)
Blue Lupine.png Blue Lupine [63,109] [,] (Drakensbane - ?)
Lilacs.png Lilacs [312,252], [317, 243] [,] (Drakensbane - ?)
Red Snapdragons.png Red Snapdragons [157,239], [206,228] [,] (Drakensbane - ?)
Wood Branches.png Wood Branches [86,239] [,] (Drakensbane - ?)
Wood Logs.png Wood Logs [87,229], [91,220], [98,224] [,] (Drakensbane - ?)

Bold denotes double speed harvest locations


  • Using a Ring of Drakensbane will take you to [84,258], very near the storage
  • There is a chance a native boss (Male Orc) appears if you kill enough non-animal mobs. When the boss spawns, other non-animal creatures spawn around it somewhat constantly. Theory is until a certain number of mobs around the boss.
  • There are some readable history books:


Internal maps

Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Morog 25px.png Morog - [34,46], [73,44], [115,57]
Rhoelind 25px.png Rhoelind - [213,96], [328,228]
Rhoelind 25px.png Rhoelind through Blackstone Caverns
Rhoelind 25px.png Rhoelind through Drakensbane Rhoelind Tunnel
Thunder Mountain 25px.png Thunder Mountain - Level 2 - [19,135]
Valunde 25px.png Valunde (PK) - [316,346]
Zerimor 25px.png Zerimor - [45,247]