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Pickpoints are obtained through leveling Overall (combination of the experience from all skills). You gain 1.8 pickpoints for every overall level you have (rounded down). They can be exchanged at the Wraith on Roth's Haven for Cross Attributes (X-Attrs) and Nexus.

On a new character, all the cross attributes have the value 4. Cross attributes are capped at no more than 50 for each and can be increased by exchanging pickpoints for them.

Cross attributes are a work-in-progress and are bound to change. Charm, Magic Defense, Magic Offense and Perception hardly do anything currently, so stay away from these.

Cross Attributes (X-Attrs)


Increases your maximum carry capacity (Load). In Other Life, Energy Matter Unit (EMU) is the weight system. Each point here gives you 20 more EMU. Carry combines with Overall so each overall level also gives you 2.5 EMU.

  • Maximum Carry Capacity = Carry * 20 + Overall level * 2.5


Makes summoned creatures more powerful and gives a chance to summon 1 additional creature.


Increases the chance to hit in combat.


Increases your maximum Ethereal Points (mana). Each point spent here gives you 8 points of mana.

  • Maximum Ethereal Points = Ethereality * 8

Magic Defense

Helps in casting defensive spells.

Magic Offense

Helps in casting offensive spells.


Increases your maximum Material Points (health). Each point spent here gives you 6 points of health.

  • Maximum Material Points = Matter * 6


Increases damage dealt in melee combat.


Increases range accuracy and damage.


Reduces the research time. Each point spent gives 1 extra research point.

Increases experience in skills:

Increases certain magic spell effects:

The effect of Restoration Spell is also increased by the cross attribute Magic Offense, according to the following equation:

  • Amount of Material Points restored = Magic level + 2 * Rationality + Magic Defense


Increases chance to dodge a hit.


Reduces the amount of damage taken in combat.

Removing Cross Attributes

Cross attribute removal stones allow you to lower the value for a particular cross attribute by 1 (returning 1 pickpoint) but not to less than 4.

You also can do a hard reset using the#resetcommand. If you reset, you will lose all your pickpoints and perkpoints, your overall will become 0 and your cross attributes, nexus and perks will go back to default. You do keep your skills levels (attack, defense, ...), items, sigils, knowledge, gods and quests.

A soft reset, where you keep your overall level, pickpoints and perkpoints, is available for a fee (15 Platinum shop coins) from the Shop Services NPC. This lets you re-distribute all of your pickpoints and perkpoints straight away without having to do a hard reset and level back up your overall level.