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Owner of the Magic Shop in Glingor Underground at [69,136]. You can trade the following items with Ceceli:

Item You can "Buy item" for You can "Sell item" for
Fire Essence.png Fire Essence 9 3.0
Water Essence.png Water Essence 8 2.3
Earth Essence.png Earth Essence 11 3.6
Air Essence.png Air Essence 10 3.3
Spirit Essence.png Spirit Essence 9 3.0
Matter Essence.png Matter Essence 12 4.0
Energy Essence.png Energy Essence 11 3.6
Life Essence.png Life Essence 10 3.3
Death Essence.png Death Essence 20 6.5
Health Essence.png Health Essence 9 3.0
Magic Essence.png Magic Essence 20 6.5
Prices are measured in Gold Coins.png Gold Coins (gc).

Ceceli also sells the following Sigils for 400 Gold Coins each: