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Braigor History

Some books found in Dwarven Lands tell the Braigor History.

Braigor is the eastern part of old Lothend. This area was one of the first to see the expansion of Golron I's Kingdom. In the time before the First Orc War it was a highly populated place. The mines of East Lothend were very heavily travelled, as rich deposits of ore were being mined beneath the surface in the East. This called for more expansion. The dwarves' increasing wealth and intrusion attracted the attention of the Orcs of the Southern Expanse, causing the First Orc War.

The dwarves were not safe in East Lothend. Defenses were not built up well enough to stop the orcs. There were many casualties. The dwarves had to retreat, giving the orcs full control of the land. Golron I ordered the mines to be converted into fortresses. They tunneled through Thunder Mountain creating the Great South gate. The dwarves united, withstood the orcs and eventually beat them back into the Expanse.

Stin Darkale, a prominent leader in East Lothend, led armies that helped to reclaim the land. Once East Lothend was back in the Dwarves' hands, they pushed into the Southern Expanse and fought the orcs in their homeland. The orcs were low on troops by this time. The dwarves easily pushed them further and further back until the orcs were forced to retreat to the Blackstone Mountains. This led to the end of the First Orc War. Darkale was named a noble house, and Stin became one of the first Dwarven Lords. Stin was given ownership of East Lothend and the Southern Expanse. He ruled it well and became very wealthy.

After the Draegoni came, the land was split into sections. East Lothend became known as Braigor, and the Southern Expanse became Morog and Rhoelind. The Expanse was given to other lords, but Braigor remained under the rulership of the Darkale clan.

After the Skyfall, Braigor was reclaimed quite easily. Thanks to the Darkale clan there has been a prolonged peace since the days of the Draegoni.

Kiwi, Braigor History, Edited by Alddra

Map overview

Map braigor 0512px.png

Braigor lies south of the Thunder Mountain, with land connections to Lothend (W/SW) and Morog (E/NE/SE).

  • Storage: No
  • PK: No
  • Multi-combat: Yes
  • Races: Part of the Dwarven Lands

NPCs and Stores

  • Sarsi.png Sarsi's Tavern in East Lothend at [172,273]


Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Sto - Approx. Time)
Chrysanthemum.png Chrysanthemum [231,266], [231,285], [236,293], [272,308], [299,314], [303,316], [309,323], [314,322] [,] (Lothend - ?)
Sunflower.png Sunflower [214,226] [,] (Lothend - ?)
Swamp Candles.png Swamp Candles [54,155] [1,] (Lothend - ?)
Tiger Lily.png Tiger Lily [69,272], [71,280], [80,265], [93,284] [,] (Lothend - ?)

Bold denotes double speed harvest locations



Internal Maps

  • Braigor 25px.png Braigor Gold Mine - [156,297]
  • Braigor 25px.png Ruined Temple - [114,295]
  • Braigor 25px.png Temple - [101,188]
  • Braigor 25px.png Temple - [208,190]

Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Lothend 25px.png Lothend - [45,143], [45,220]
Lothend 25px.png Lothend by Quartz Crystal Cave - [88,251]
Morog 25px.png Morog - [327,158], [336,184], [342,231], [336,282], [339,310]
Thunder Mountain 25px.png Thunder Mountain - Level B1 - [209,287]