Beating the MBC Event

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MBC Event.png

The goal of Monster Boss Challenge (MBC) Event

The goal when entering this event is to kill as many monsters as possible in 5 minutes bursts. To do that it requires team work.

Cooldown Time

5 real-life days need to pass before you can enter MBC Event again with your character. You can check if you can enter this event using the#menu MBCcommand.

MBC Event Menu.png

Starting MBC Events

MBC Events have to be triggered by an Invasion Master (IM), although this will probably change in the future once this function is automated. They run whenever a team approaches an IM to request the event.

Entering MBC Events

Go to the Event house, White Stone at [474,17]. Inside the Event house, travel through the right door, underground passage and you will find yourself in the waiting room. Team must select the room: blue, red, green and yellow.


When the event becomes available a warning is given and players have a total of 3 minutes to get to the Event house and join the event:

[God @ 669]: Your MBC will commence in the Green Room in 3 minutes! Please enter and prepare.

Inside MBC Events

MBC Event Map

The time limit to complete the MBC event is 70 minutes: 60 minutes to kill all the monsters and 10 minutes for gathering your treasures and evacuate the map.

MBC Event Map is divided into three areas: Pillars, Graves and Ruins. There are no storages inside this map. MBC Event Map is player non-drop.

Leaving MBC Events

In general, MBC Events end if they are completed, or if the time limit to finish is over. If you die or teleport outside the MBC Event Map you can enter the event again.

[God @ 669]: No more mobs will be spawning...
[God @ 669]: Gather your treasures and evacuate the map. It will lock in 10 mins.

Creatures in MBC Event

There are 8 waves, each more and more difficult. Ordinary creatures and bosses spawn in each wave. For the first waves you should be able to kill bosses in your teams (6 players are preferable as you go 2 per area). As bosses get bigger you will have to shout out where the boss is. If the boss is in your area you can type in the event channel: boss pillars or boss graves or boss ruins. In this way, the team can quickly go to that area.


The reward is all the drops of the creatures. A bag is started in the middle of the map at the beginning of the event in order to store these drops.