Beating the DTF Event

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The Goal

Defend the Fort event was originally invented by Grimm. The idea is that you have a precious individual inside the fort that you need to protect from the vicious hordes of marauding monsters. If the monsters do manage to breach the fort and kill the person you are supposed to be protecting then the team loses the bonus prize of the DTF.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Event DTF is still under construction so the monsters you get will be unpredictable and sometimes different groups of players result in different waves. The idea is for it eventually to be automated.

Starting the Event

The DTF runs whenever a team of 8 players or more approach an Invasion Master (IM) to request the event.

Joining the Event

  • Pretty much anyone can be of some use in a DTF. However entrance is limited to players that have at least level 30 (att/def/range/oa)
  • Go to the Event house in Riven Sea, White Stone at [474,17].
  • Inside the house, travel through the middle door, underground passage and you will find yourself in the waiting room. Entering the doors on either end will get you into the Event DTF map.

Team characteristics and tactics

You can be involved in any of these options (or combinations of them) as needed by the team:

  • A gate
  • A ranger
  • A tank
  • A fighter
  • A mage
  • Support

Determining what function you perform is very much based on your levels, the levels of others in your team, your build and your actual fighting ability.

  • A gate. This position is either of the two or three spots that stop the mobs from entering the fort. Your job is to prevent mobs from entering by standing there. It is very important that you are in an overloaded state. To overload you need to have a small/large pack on, then pick up enough resources and equipment so that you have more than your normal EMU and remove the cape. You must be in the correct position when you take the cape off as you will be unable to move once you have removed it. In a really high level DTF 80+ it would be recommended that the gates should have Invisibility Potions or be able to cast Invisibility.
  • A ranger. There are two towers and walls running on either side of the front court yard these are great places to range from. Just try stay a step from the edge as monsters in the courtyard will attack you.
  • A tank. The tanks main function is to hold dangerous monsters to give the fighters time to kill it. The tank also needs to stay near the fighters and mages so that they can heal from safety behind the gates.
  • A fighter. Your job is to kill as much as possible. Try stay near the gate and the tank as much as is possible but also be ready to diss-tele if you get too far out. Be attentive to attacks on your gates and the orders of the tank. Always try attack and kill injured or low level mobs first this helps to give you a better view what is going on in the courtyard.
  • A mage. As mage your primary focus is to keep gates and tank alive. As a secondary task you can also poison or life drain anything that is giving the tank and fighters a hard time. A high enough mage can become invisible and tele into the courtyard to collect drops.
  • Support. If you are new or the level of mobs has gone above anything you can handle then you don’t need to pack up and leave. Travel to and from storage bringing SRs, BRs, HEs for the fighters, Magic Ess for the mages or arrows for the rangers. (It is advisable to have an agreement with the team before hand for the supply of these items) Some versions of DTF have smaller mobs spawning inside the fort at unexpected times. If you deal with those it will help the fighters, tanks and mages focus on their functions without having to be concerned with those.

A few guidelines for choosing where you should fit in:

  • Gates need to be good fighters that can hold their own as well as the gate. They also need to be very vocal about their status and safety. Telling your team that you are in trouble before you die is very important.
  • Tanks need to have high toughness and quick fingers to heal and drink pots. Also the ability to command the fighters to diss or attack at the correct moments.
  • Rangers need to be able to lure bosses to or from the fort and pay attention to which mobs are causing trouble for fighters to help clear those quickly.
  • Mages need to have a good remote restore and pay attention to the healing patterns of the tanks and fighters to heal in time.
  • Otherwise fighter or support is your friend.

What happens during a DTF?

The first phase of a DTF is to gather the team members and arrange who is going to do what activities. Once you are geared all players must gather in the DTF waiting room.

The IM in charge will have locked the map to prevent access to anyone wanting to sneak in, so initially the team will have to be brought in individually. Once 8 team members are confirmed the IM will teleport each player into the map and spawn the Helpless Gnome.

You will have about 3-5 mins to arrange your team into their places. There are multiple strategic layouts available to the team and it is advisable to have a leader who can direct anyone to the strategy to be applied. Holosko has made a few videos of possible DTF arrangements.

Then the waves begin to spawn… Now this section is entirely dependant on the IM in charge. If you run #il while waiting you should get some indication as to when the wave spawns.

A wander spawn may be deployed to prevent players from rushing out the fort. There are multiple difficulty levels of the wander spawn but they are are generally a good 10-20 levels above the teams players. These mobs will mill about outside the fort without much direction but have been known to come in and try pick off a few players. If you see really high mobs outside the fort Rule 1 Don’t Panic. And more importantly if you are a ranger...Don’t shoot em because they will then come INSIDE! Or if you kill one it will just respawn it back a bit later anyway so you just wasted arrows”

Note: There is a bit of contention about what to do with the wander spawn after the DTF is completed. Should the players form a posse and go and get em. (which is kinda opposite of why they were spawned in the first place) Or should they be directed to attack the fort (uhm, big scary mobs that were designed to stop players wandering will now attack, huh? If I was a player at this point I would rather abandon the Helpless Gnome to his fate)

Main waves

There are 6 main waves available to the IM with varying degrees of difficulty. Some IMs will only spawn a few waves and not all 6 as a full DTF with 6 waves takes between 4 - 6 hours to complete. Each main wave is approximately 200-300 mobs and a boss. Efforts should be focused on clearing all the bosses horde as quickly and efficiently as possible as most DTF spawns will respawn if not cleared.

Wall Jumpers

Add odd times an IM will possibly drop a few mobs into the fort, normally, lowish mobs that run amok inside the fort.

Boss Waves

There are 6 levels of Boss waves with hard mobs and a buffed high health boss that takes a good few minutes to kill. All the hordes should be dead before you start work on the main boss.

How do I stop walking into the horde?

The pack is your friend here, when you are a good spot for killing stuff or in the gate, make sure that you are full and then remove your pack. You will be in an overloaded state and thus not move forward when you kill something.

There is a point to remember need to keep an eye on your stocks so that you don’t end up accidentally running low and getting into a positive carry capacity and walking out into a horde.