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Animal - Nexus

The Animal Nexus limits the kind of creatures you can summon. The higher the nexus, the better the creatures you can summon.

Animal 0

No Animal Nexus Required
Brown Rabbit 25px.png Brown Rabbit Rat 25px.png Rat

Animal 1

Animal Nexus 1
Beaver 25px.png Beaver Skunk 25px.png Skunk
Deer 25px.png Deer Racoon 25px.png Racoon

Animal 2

Animal Nexus 2
Green Snake 25px.png Green Snake Wolf 25px.png Wolf
Red Snake 25px.png Red Snake Puma 25px.png Puma
Brown Snake 25px.png Brown Snake Skeleton 25px.png Skeleton
Fox 25px.png Fox Small Gargoyle 25px.png Small Gargoyle
Boar 25px.png Boar Tall Gargoyle 25px.png Tall Gargoyle

Animal 3

Animal Nexus 3
Medium Gargoyle 25px.png Medium Gargoyle