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The WebAccess subsystem is available by clicking on the InGame link on the website.

Each channel (SRV, Game, Market, etc.) can have different features or restrictions placed on it:

  • Require being logged into WebAccess
  • Require Premium Membership or being a Moderator/Invasion Master (Mod/IM)
  • Require being a Guild Member
  • Control if you can send to that channel via WebAccess
  • Allow daily log files of channel discussions and downloading of files

WebAccess Ingame.png

Public Channels/Info

  • SRV: Summary of server information and players in Game (auto updating every 5 seconds). The players in game can bold members of your guild if you have enough rank to use the#list_guildcommand
  • Game: Server wide messages such as Special days, Joker, Lottery, God/Mod/IM messages (including invasion counts)
  • Market: Channel 3 so you can see recent and current Buy/Sell advertisements. Players with Premium Membership and an OA of at least 30 can post messages from here
  • Events: Channel 666 (DTF Event)

Login Channels/Info

Characters can use the#web_accesscommand to define a password for WebAccess. WebAccess login only works if the character has been in game during the last week.

WebAccess Login.png

  • EventInfo: Stats and drops from recent Events held by an IM. Once the Event ends, more information gets shown and will stay until the next Event held on the same map or a server restart
  • Delayed: Shows delayed message and allows you to send delayed messages to players
  • Stats: You can view some of your own stats after you login into WebAccess. This page does not auto update!
  • Merchants: Guild Merchants location, status, and guild. Guild Merchant inventory by clicking on a merchants name in the Merchant listing. Merchant transaction log download (Merchant admins only)
  • NameChanges: Name change history, newest to oldest

WebAccess Merchants.png

Premium Channels/Info

Sending messages to certain specific channels or players is available for Premium Members that are logged into WebAccess.

  • Newbie: Channel 1. Posting to @1 permitted
  • Invasions: Channel 6. Posting to @6 permitted
  • Guild: Shows #GM, #IG and @guild channel activity for your guild only. Posting to @guild permitted
  • TML4: Map mob information - TML4 Only

WebAccess TML4.png

Mod/IM Channels/Info

IM's have additional special WebAccess pages not listed here.