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Valunde History

Some books found in Dwarven Lands tell the Valunde History.

Valunde has always been known as Valunde. It is a valley of life although it has had its ups and downs in terms of warfare. Since before time was recorded, the ancestors of the Orcs and the Dwarves have fought to keep their home in Valunde. The water running through it is the reason for the constant struggle to stay there. In times of drought it is sometimes reduced to a river. But for the most part it is a large Lake which is fed by the region's waterfalls.

Dwarves from Valunde are very proud of their ancestry. There are tales of heroic deeds and wars from before Golron I's time. From a cultural standpoint these events are very important and have shaped the way the dwarves live their lives in this region. Historically, these tales are often overlooked.

When Golron's Kingdom defeated the Orcs in the First Orc War, it provided a place of refuge for the Dwarves of Valunde. United, they became a strong nation. After the Second Orc War, they were ready to take back Valunde.

The Dwarves called the war to conquer Valunde the End War. The Dwarven Kingdom calls it The Conquest of Valunde. The End War lasted for several hundred years. Many generations passed, and the Dwarves of Valunde began to be disillusioned with ever being able to conquer the orcs. Nevertheless, Golron's people persisted in their fight for Valunde, and eventually the Orcs were overcome.

Golron I allowed the orcs to retreat and live underground in Blackstone and Valunde. This angered the dwarves of Valunde because it meant that they were never truly safe in their homeland.

The years passed fairly uneventfully in Valunde. A few attempts were made to completely eradicate the orcs in order to control the mountains, but without the King's support, they were never successful. The valley was fairly peaceful however, until the Draegoni came.

The High King of Thunder Mountain, Galrin I, commanded the dwarves to hold Valunde as they evacuated the Northern mountains. Many Dwarves died defending the Valley from the onslaught of orcs and Draegoni. The Dwarves of Valunde still say that it never would have been so bad if the High King had allowed the eradication of the orcs of Northern Valunde.

When Galrin I split the territories, he appointed Maljak of Valunde to rule as their Lord. Maljak was well known as the oldest Dwarf in Valunde, but many felt that he was not fit to rule. Nevertheless, Maljak led the dwarves in Valunde before and after the Skyfall. His lax policies regarding the safety of his people has resulted in Valunde being a very hostile place. The dwarves therefore made little effort to regain control. Now it is largely controlled by orcs. However, the dwarves of Valunde do prefer their underground homes to the more dangerous Valley.

Kiwi, Valunde History, Edited by Alddra

Map overview

Map valunde 0512px.png

Valunde is a U shaped coastal area in the North-East of Alroth. Around the area warriors test their strength and fight each other. A boat connect the northern and southern shores. This map has land connections to Drakensbane (SW), Glingor by Glingor Underground (S) and Valunde Forest (NE/SE).

  • Storage: No
  • PK: Yes
  • Multi-combat: Yes
  • Races: Dwarven dwellings are found on this map


Harvestable Coordinates Closest To Storage (Sto - Approx. Time)
Black Rose.png Black Rose [175,211], [179,212], [183,217] [,] (Drakensbane - ?)
Red Rose.png Red Rose [94,73], [97,67] [,] (Drakensbane - ?)
Vegetables.png Vegetables [190,54] [,] (Drakensbane - ?)


  • Boats at [211,187] and [292,142] can be used to travel between the northern and southern regions
  • Using a Ring of Valunde will take you to [117,86]
  • There is a Drakensbane History book located on a bench at [70,70], in front of Valunde Castle


Internal maps

  • Valunde Castle - [66,70]

Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Drakensbane 25px.png Drakensbane - [13,94]
Glingor 25px.png Glingor by Glingor Underground - [298,85]
Isla Prima 25px.png Valunde Forest - [367,124] [367,265]