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A guild is a group of people who decided to come together under a shared guild tag.

Guilds can make policies towards other guilds, such as alliances or enmities and institutionalize them by game mechanisms.

Guild's are 240Kgc to create.

A list of current Other-Life Guilds, sorted by name, can be found on this website:

  • 101010 (42) - Guild Master: Alddra
  • 300 (300) - Guild Master: ohmygod
  • 3M' (3M) - Guild Master: Aine
  • inQuisition (iQ) - Guild Master: Warlock
  • Fuck Runescape (FKRS) - Guild Master: Ena
  • HREM (HREM) - Guild Master: Learner
  • The League of 420 (OWN!) - Guild Master: Empyrean