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Perkpoints are obtained through leveling Overall (combination of the experience from all skills). You gain 1 perkpoint for every 10 overall level you have. They can be exchanged at the Wraith on Roth's Haven for perks.

On a new character, perkpoints have the value 0, so a player needs to be at least 10 overall level in order to get the first perkpoint and perk.


Currently new perks are only available in the test server. However, you can buy cloaks that gives the wearer some of the old perks:

  • Artificer: Increases your chance to create rare items
  • Body Piercing: Increases the chance of bypassing an opponents armor by 10%
  • Conjurer: Halves the mana costs of summoning
  • Excavator: Doubles how much each successful harvest gets you
  • Fast Regeneration: You gain an addition two Material and Ethereal points every minute
  • Mirror Skin: 10% chance that when an enemy hits you in combat, the damage will be deflected to the enemy
  • Monster Magnetism: Most aggressive monsters no longer attack you on sight
  • Powersaving: If your material and ethereal points are at maximum, all skills and nexus are at their appropriate level, and you are not researching anything, you do not lose food every minute

Removing Perks

You can do a hard reset using the#resetcommand. If you reset, you will lose all your pickpoints and perkpoints, your overall will become 0 and your cross attributes, nexus and perks will go back to default. You do keep your skills levels (attack, defense, ...), items, sigils, knowledge, gods and quests.

A soft reset, where you keep your overall level, pickpoints and perkpoints, is available for a fee (15 Platinum shop coins) from the Shop Services NPC. This lets you re-distribute all of your pickpoints and perkpoints straight away without having to do a hard reset and level back up your overall level.