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Pickpoints are obtained through leveling Overall (combination of the experience from all skills). You gain 1.8 pickpoints for every overall level you have (rounded down). They can be exchanged at the Wraith on Roth's Haven for Cross Attributes (X-Attrs) and Nexus.

On a new character, all the nexus have the value 0. Nexus can be increased by exchanging pickpoints for them. Once you get a nexus, spending a pickpoint at the Wraith, it will need about 1 minute to charge (your food level must be positive).

There is no special day which allows you to bypass nexus requirements.


Nexus enhance/limit the abilities of a character in Other Life in different areas corresponding to the different nexus:

Removing Nexus

Nexus removal stones allow you to lower the value for a particular nexus by 1 (returning 1 pickpoint).

A soft reset, where you keep your overall level, pickpoints and perkpoints, is available for a fee (15 Platinum shop coins) from the Shop Services NPC. This lets you re-distribute all of your pickpoints and perkpoints straight away without having to do a hard reset and level back up your overall level.