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Welcome to the Other Life Wiki (OL Wiki), a wiki for the MMORPG Other Life. This game is based on the Eternal Lands free MMORPG.

This wiki only contains Other Life exclusive contents. If you are searching common contents to Eternal Lands, you should check the Eternal Lands Wiki (EL Wiki).


  • Achievements - Achievements record when players reach certain thresholds with some activities or complete certain quests.
  • Alchemy - Alchemy index: essences, bars, etc.
  • Armors - Armors index.
  • Attack & Defense - What a warrior must know.
  • Clothes - Clothes index: manufacturable clothes, magic cloaks, packs and Other Life Shop Only Clothing.
  • Crafting - Crafting index: plain jewels, magic rings and medallions.
  • Creatures - Races, animals, monsters and bosses.
  • Cross attributes and how they influence a character.
  • Events - Information about events: general information, tactics, etc.
  • Experience - A listing of levels, experience and differences.
  • Food - Prevent starvation.
  • Guides - General guides, Events guides, etc.
  • Guilds - Information about guilds in general.
  • Harvesting - Information related to the harvesting skill and about harvestable items.
  • Invasions - Information about invasions.
  • Magic - What a mage must know.
  • Manufacturing - Manufacturing index: armour, weapons, clothes and tools.
  • Maps - Maps index, information about maps: harvestables, NPCs, sightseeing, etc.
  • Nexus - Nexus index, what you need to make and equip things.
  • Perks - Perks index, what special effects you can get.
  • Potion - All the recipes to create potions.
  • Ranging - Ranging or Archery index.
  • Special days - Special days and their influence.
  • Stones - Index of rare and special stones.
  • Summoning - Summoning index: all the creatures you can summon.
  • Tools and miscellaneous items - Tools, coins, drinks, etc.
  • Weapons - Weapons index.
  • WebAccess - Game information you can consult on Other Life website.