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Some books found in Dwarven Lands tell the Lothend History.

Golron I was born in Lothend. In those days it was a very wild area. The dwarves were nomadic, and often traveled between the Northern Reach and Lothend. They called this land the Gara. Originally the Gara stood for all of the Dwarven homeland, but over time it became a reference to Lothend only. Lothend was very vulnerable to attack. If the Orcs made it through the Southern Expanse or through the Dale in the North, the dwarves would be in trouble. As a result Golron I built Lothgard and Blackstone (now called Castle Drakensbane). The dwarves lived in relative peace in Lothend, retreating back into the dale only whenever absolutely necessary.

The First Orc War was a huge defeat for the Orcs. The Orcs in the Southern Expanse attacked Golron's people in Lothend. Golron defeated the Orc leadership, and the orcs fled back to the underground and to the Southern Expanse. From then on, Golron I was able to expand his kingdom.

The port was established in Lothend to quickly traverse the Southern Expanse and on into the East. The port was originally much smaller, but over time it was expanded to accommodate many large ships per day. Building the port was not a simple undertaking. Orc raids were still common, forcing the dwarves to abandon the port, only to come back and finding it completely destroyed. Each time it was rebuilt it was reinforced making it more resilient to attack, eventually succeeding in driving the orcs back.

When Galrin III ordered the Dwarves back into the Gara, he split Lothend up into three territories; Aldath, Lothend, and Braigor - each one promised to a Lord. Some of the lords had been used to governing larger swaths of land which caused some discontent with their new smaller parcels. One lord in particular really took offense to his reduced allotment and started a rebellion against the King. The Nightmane clan took over rulership of Lothend after the execution of this Lord. This form of governance has continued through the many Kings that ruled the Dwarven Lands since the fall of the Draegoni Dominion.

Lothend became a successful trade hub largely because of Koron Nightmane, who had successfully led raids on the Draegoni Dominion right before Skyfall. After the Draegoni defeat, Koron offered trade to the Elves through this port. Soon after, Koron and his son Kirin Nightmane helped set up trade with the gnomish colony, Mystic Haven. Kirin Nightmane continued to run Lothend after his father passed away.

Galrik, High King of Thunder Mountain continues trade with other factions through Lothend. To this day it remains the main center for trade in the Dwarven Kingdom.

Kiwi, Lothend History, Edited by Alddra