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Many creatures can be encountered in Other Life: some are peaceful unless you attack them, others are monsters ready to attack anyone on sight, so be careful when exploring.

Creatures regenerate 1 Material Point (health) per minute (MP/m) except for some, which generate 3 MP/m. They also have Ethereal Points (mana) and regenerate 1 Ethereal Points per minute.

Native Animals and other Non-Aggressive Creatures

These creatures are not aggressive (won't attack you first) unless they are part of an event or invasion. The Unicorn is a special creature.

Native Monsters and Races

These creatures are aggressive (will attack you first) unless you have a certain defense level or combat level. If they are part of an event or invasion, then they are always aggressive.

Only Events or Invasions Animals and Monsters

These creatures only appear as part of an event or invasion. They are always aggressive.


Other Life have boss mobs in events and invasions. There are also some native bosses:

They are slightly bigger than their counterpart with more health, damage, better stats and sometimes with a unique name. Boss mobs regenerate their material points much more than 3 MP/m. They will be surrounded by a certain range of invasion creatures, referred to as a horde, staying around or near their boss and separating from the boss when it is killed. Often the tougher the boss, the tougher the horde around it.

Bosses have higher drop chances, and have special attribute "rolls" to decide how powerful a version of themselves they are. Anything may drop item-wise; from bread to a magic sword. Invasion creatures can also drop special items, with special drops "rolls".

Boss mobs can be classified by their difficulty, although killing them will always depend on your build (playstyle), your ability, equipment you use, or strategy you follow.