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Cooldown is a period of time initiated when performing specific actions during which another action of the same type cannot be performed. This prevents similar actions from being performed in rapid succession. Actions include using certain types of items, casting a spell, or shooting an arrow. The length of the cooldown period depends on which action is being performed or which item is being used. Cooldowns are also affected by some maps, special days and creatures.

Items with cooldown

Skills with cooldown

  • Magic - There is a cooldown of 1 second after casting spells. If you are engaged in combat, the cooldown is 2 seconds
  • Ranging - There is a cooldown after shooting an arrow or bolt, depending on which bow or crossbow is used
  • Harvesting - There is a cooldown after being interrupted by any harvesting event. The length of the cooldown is equal to the time required to harvest 1 of that item
  • Combat - There is a cooldown of 5 seconds for attack another player that just enters in a PK map. There is a cooldown of 5 seconds while you can't move after your opponent used a Ring of Disengagement

Map effects

  • In Tahraji Desert, the cooldown for any item is only 1 second

Special days

Special effects