Artificial Nexus

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Artificial - Nexus

The Artificial Nexus limits the kind of armors and weapons you can make. This nexus also limits the kind of magic items (rings, medallions, enchanted swords) you can make. The higher the [[nexus], the better the equipment you can make.

Note: Items with * require more than one nexus; the * links to the other required nexus.

Artificial 0

No Artificial Nexus Required
Manufacturing Crafting
Warm Fur Gloves.png Warm Fur Gloves Skunk hat.png Skunk hat Thread.png Thread
Fox Scarf.png Fox Scarf Racoon hat.png Racoon hat
Fur Hat.png Fur Hat Leather Gloves.png Leather Gloves
Fur Cloak.png Fur Cloak

Artificial 1

Artificial Nexus 1
Manufacturing Crafting
Leather Boots.png Leather Boots Gold Ring.png Gold Ring
Fur Boots.png Fur Boots Silver Ring.png Silver Ring
Leather Pants.png Leather Pants Silver Medallion.png Silver Medallion
Padded Leather Armor.png Padded Leather Armor Gold Medallion.png Gold Medallion
Augmented Leather Pants.png Augmented Leather Pants Empty Vial.png Empty Vial
Augmented Leather Armor.png Augmented Leather Armor

Artificial 2

Artificial Nexus 2
Manufacturing Crafting
Leather Helm.png Leather Helm Iron Sword.png Iron Sword Polished Ruby.png Polished Ruby
Iron Shield.png Iron Shield Fur Torso.png Fur Torso Polished Emerald.png Polished Emerald
Steel Shield.png Steel Shield Iron Broad Sword.png Iron Broad Sword Polished Sapphire.png Polished Sapphire
Fur Pants.png Fur Pants Iron Chain Mail.png Iron Chain Mail

Artificial 3

Artificial Nexus 3
Manufacturing Crafting
Steel Long Sword.png Steel Long Sword Polished Diamond.png Polished Diamond Stars Medallion.png Stars Medallion *
Steel Two Edged Sword.png Steel Two Edged Sword Ring of Roths Haven.png Ring of Roths Haven * Ring of Damage.png Ring of Damage *
Iron Helm.png Iron Helm Sun Medallion.png Sun Medallion * Ring of Disengagement.png Ring of Disengagement *
Steel Chain Mail.png Steel Chain Mail Unicorn Medallion.png Unicorn Medallion *
Vial Mold.png Vial Mold Moon Medallion.png Moon Medallion *

Artificial 4

Artificial Nexus 4
Manufacturing Crafting
Iron Greaves.png Iron Greaves Ring of Aldath.png Ring of Aldath * Harvester Medallion.png Harvester Medallion *
Iron Cuisses.png Iron Cuisses Ring of Braigor.png Ring of Braigor * Ring of Thalia.png Ring of Thalia *
Titanium Steel Alloy Short Sword.png Titanium Steel Alloy Short Sword Ring of Drakensbane.png Ring of Drakensbane * Ring of Cirathiel.png Ring of Cirathiel *
Iron Sword of Fire.png Iron Sword of Fire * Ring of Valunde.png Ring of Valunde * Ring of Ethaun.png Ring of Ethaun *
Iron Broad Sword of Fire.png Iron Broad Sword of Fire * Ring of Draekor.png Ring of Draekor * Gatherer Medallion.png Gatherer Medallion *
Iron Broad Sword of Ice.png Iron Broad Sword of Ice * Ring of Tebard.png Ring of Tebard *

Artificial 5

Artificial Nexus 5
Manufacturing Crafting
Titanium Steel Alloy Long Sword.png Titanium Steel Alloy Long Sword Steel Long Sword of Ice.png Steel Long Sword of Ice * Medallion of Life.png Medallion of Life *
Titanium Chain Mail.png Titanium Chain Mail Steel Long Sword of Magic.png Steel Long Sword of Magic * Medallion of Mana.png Medallion of Mana *
Titanium Serpent Sword.png Titanium Serpent Sword Steel Two Edged Sword of Fire.png Steel Two Edged Sword of Fire *
Iron Plate Mail.png Iron Plate Mail Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice.png Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice *
Iron Axe.png Iron Axe Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic.png Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic *
Steel Axe.png Steel Axe Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal.png Steel Two Edged Sword of Thermal *
Steel Long Sword of Fire.png Steel Long Sword of Fire *

Artificial 6

Artificial Nexus 6
Titanium Short Sword of Fire.png Titanium Short Sword of Fire * Titanium Long Sword of Magic.png Titanium Long Sword of Magic *
Titanium Short Sword of Ice.png Titanium Short Sword of Ice * Titanium Long Sword of Thermal.png Titanium Long Sword of Thermal *
Titanium Short Sword of Magic.png Titanium Short Sword of Magic * Titanium Serpent Sword of Fire.png Titanium Serpent Sword of Fire *
Titanium Short Sword of Thermal.png Titanium Short Sword of Thermal * Titanium Serpent Sword of Magic.png Titanium Serpent Sword of Magic *
Titanium Long Sword of Fire.png Titanium Long Sword of Fire * Titanium Serpent Sword of Ice.png Titanium Serpent Sword of Ice *
Titanium Long Sword of Ice.png Titanium Long Sword of Ice * Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal.png Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal *