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Alkh Endune

Alkh-Endune History

Some books found in Dwarven Lands tell the Alkh-Endune History.

Alkh-Endune has been called the heart of the Northern Reach. That name is more commonly used by Dwarves, since its mines are a prominent part of the culture. Alkh-Endune's early history, when it was known only as The Reach, is a story of conquest and eradication. There were Goblins who once lived in the reach, as well as Orcs. But they have almost all been destroyed in an event called the Reclamation, when Golron ll ordered the land to be retaken.

The members of house Dulgoth led the dwarves in a two pronged attack; one from northern Thalendale into The Reach, and one from the Mines and tunnels between the two. They successfully killed and drove out all the orcs and goblins. The dwarves lived quietly in The Reach from then on, some building homes in the mines, never seeing the light of day. As a consequence, some Dwarven clans have a lack of skin color. The High King of Thunder Mountain split The Reach into three territories; Alkh-Endune, Thalendale and Zerimor. Thalendale was already a thriving town between the mountains, but now its new territory stretched all the way North. Some dwarves refuse to acknowledge that Thalendale was ever a part of The Reach, even though its official borders are in it.

The invasions came with the Draegoni Dominion. The Dwarves in Alkh-Endune, and other parts of the Kingdom were forced to shut themselves into the mountains, living off whatever stores they had until the dominion's fall.

During this time, many tunnels were built between the fortifications of Alkh-Endune and Thalendale and were used to silently traffic goods from one settlement to another. Thunder Mountain became a hub for underground trade.

After the dominion's fall, Alkh-Endune continued to prosper; its rich mines driving the Dwarven economy for many years. The Dulgoth clan still rules Alkh-Endune, and now feels a particular ownership over the land and mountains.

Kiwi, Alkh-Endune History, Edited by Alddra

Map overview

Map alkh endune 0512px.png

Alkh-Endune is an area in the North-West of the Dwarven Lands, with land connections to Aldath (S) and Thalendale (NE).

  • Storage: Yes
  • PK: No
  • Multi-combat: Yes
  • Races: Part of the Dwarven Lands

NPCs and Stores

  • Chessie.png Chessie's Dulgoth's Day Off Tavern in Dulgoth Village at [295,189]
  • Garon.png Garon's General Store at [240,171]
  • Grum.png Grum, North Al'Gotha Storehouse owner in Dulgoth Village at [300,205]


Harvestable Coordinates
Chrysanthemum.png Chrysanthemum [139,85], [147,109], [154,142], [154,87], [162,108], [169,93]
Swamp Candles.png Swamp Candles [74,143], [88,162]
Wood Logs.png Wood Logs [100,44]

Bold denotes double speed harvest locations





Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Aldath 25px.png Aldath [157,22]
Aldath 25px.png Aldath By Algotha Caverns
Thalendale 25px.png Thalendale [334,211]
Thalendale 25px.png Thalendale Through a house - [355,238]