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Aldath History

Some books found in Dwarven Lands tell the Aldath History.

Aldath was a part of the area known as Lothend for many years until the High King of Thunder Mountain Galrin I declared it as his territory. In the past it was either known as the Swamp of Lothend, or the Aldath Swamp after the first Lord who ruled there.

Aldath is thought to be the official birthplace of Golron I. It is unknown which territory he was actually born in since all the land in the south was known as Lothend.

There is supposedly a strong connection to the gods in Aldath. Even though the stone circle there has unknown origins it is a prized possession of the Dwarven Kingdom. This was made known recently, when goblins raided and took over the swamps. The High King of Thunder Mountain, Galorin III declared the fight against the goblins a holy war. The Lord of Alkh-Endune and the Lord of Lothend came together from both sides to crush the goblins in Aldath. It caused goblin blood to stain the swamps red earning the name War of the Red Swamps.

Because the previous Lord of Aldath had been slain with no heir, a new house was put in place. The new Lord, Dwilin Darkforge, immediately had a castle built to defend the land. Peace has reigned since then.

Kiwi, Aldath History, Edited by Alddra

Map overview

Map aldath 0512px.png

Aldath is an old kingdom, with land connections to Alkh-Endune (NE) and Lothend (E/SE).

  • Storage: No
  • PK: No
  • Multi-combat: Yes
  • Races: Part of the Dwarven Lands

NPCs and Stores

  • Brelo.png Brelo's General Store in Aldath Village at [261,224]
  • Drala.png Drala's Black Smith Shop in Darkforge Castle at [253,326]
  • Ergan.png Ergan, a potion trader in Darkforge Castle at [223,271]
  • Zezzi.png Zezzi's Magic Shop in Darkforge Castle at [263,314]


Harvestable Coordinates
Diamond.png Diamond [121,87]
Emerald.png Emerald [117,91], [256,118]
Nightshade.png Nightshade [271,350], [286,342]
Ruby.png Ruby [125,91]
Sapphire.png Sapphire [121,95]
Swamp Candles.png Swamp Candles [155,254], [167,242], [207,241], [251,253], [288,287], [296,335], [312,317]
White Asiatic Lily.png White Asiatic Lily [240,144], [248,143]
Yellow Rose.png Yellow Rose [242,85]


  • Using a Ring of Aldath will take you to [270,256], near Darkforge Castle
  • You can enter the wall towers in Darkforge Castle for a nice vantage point
  • Guild Hall entrance at [237,165]
  • There are some readable history books:



Exits to

This map has exits to the following maps:

By Land
Alkh Endune 25px.png Alkh-Endune [331,347]
Alkh Endune 25px.png Alkh-Endune By Algotha Caverns - [347,287]
Lothend 25px.png Lothend [271,89], [302,194]